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Our UK-based support team are here to help. Browse the options and learn more about support below.

Service ratings

We continually review and action our support feedback to ensure our clients stay satisfied. Here are our Q1 2024 service desk ratings:

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Getting help from our UK-based team is simple.

What to expect

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    Raise a ticket

    Log your issue on our modern support desk. Include plenty of information and screenshots if relevant.

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    We'll get to work

    You'll get a first response within 30 minutes, and if further work is required, this will be tasked to a developer.

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    Review and sign off

    You'll be updated within a few days. If you're happy with the resolution offered, we'll close the ticket.

Frequently asked questions

We've addressed our most common commercial questions so you can decide whether Codabill is right for you.

1. Does Codabill integrate with other software?

Yes! Codabill is designed to integrate easily with your front and back-end software, meaning you can complete your all your admin tasks with ease.

2. Who are the people behind the scenes?

We have dedicated product, support, and development teams all based in the UK.


Your first contact will be with a friendly commercial team member who will demo the software. If you choose to move forwards, you’ll be introduced to a project manager who will lead you through the onboarding process.


After go-live, you’ll have our support team on hand when you need them.

3. What size of recruitment agencies do you work with?

We work with companies of all sizes. As a limitless solution, Codabill is designed to scale with your business whether you process 100 or 10,000 timesheets a week. Even if your workforce increases, you’ll still be able to complete tasks in just seconds.

4. What happens during a demo?

Our 30-minute sessions are tailored to your business and give you an overview of the platform and the opportunity to ask any questions.

5. Do you offer training?

We offer both remote and on-site product training sessions to ensure you’re getting the most out of Codabill. This can be arranged by contacting support.

6. How easy is it to switch to Codabill?

If you’re switching from another pay and bill product, you can leave the hard work to us. We’ll guide you through the onboarding process including any requirements from your side. With Codatech, switching is easy.

7. How long will my contract length be?

We offer flexible 30-day rolling contracts, offering a no-risk opportunity to switch to Codabill.

8. How soon can I get started?

Once you decide Codabill is right for your business, we’ll get the process started right away. In most cases, delivery takes less than 24 hours, so you can start saving time and money in no time.