How getting started with Codabill works

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Like the sound of a pay and bill system that simplifies your middle-office tasks? You’ll love to hear that switching to Codabill is quick and easy. In just 24 hours, you can be up and running on our SaaS platform and begin saving time and money.

Carry on reading to learn just how simple it is to get started.


1. Get the ball moving

Drop us a line, and a Codatech representative will get back to you in no time. We’ll arrange a virtual meeting to demo the software and answer any questions you might have. Absolutely no commitment necessary!

Plus, you’re welcome to try out a trial account before taking the plunge to make sure Codabill is right for you.


2. Sign the dotted line

Want to proceed? Good choice! We’ll send over an agreement.

Our contract has no nasty surprises and offers you complete flexibility as it’s on a monthly rolling basis. Our competitive pricing is fixed per contractor whose timesheet is processed. This means your invoice will never come as a surprise either. Plus, ongoing UK-based support is included in the package.

Once you’ve signed off and completed our onboarding form, we’ll prepare your account in under 24 hours. As a SaaS product, an account can be created instantly – but our time estimate includes 1-2-1 assistance to ensure it’s configured to your unique needs.


3. You’re in!

And just like that, you’ll be ready to log into your Codabill account.

At this stage, you can import data from your CRM or existing pay and bill tool – more on that later. Once your data is live in Codabill, you’re all set to go.

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If you encounter any issues getting started, you have access to our experienced support team. We also have plenty of self-service articles to help you along the way.

If required, you can also request on-site or remote training for your wider team.


4. Integrate your tools

Connect your front- and back-office tools seamlessly. During the onboarding phase, we’ll speak with you about your existing platforms and how they can work alongside Codabill.

With an exclusive direct link between Codabill and our payroll software Codapay, you can automatically sync candidate and placement data. This reduces data inaccuracies and removes manual intervention. Read more about our Codabill x Codapay integration.


Moving from an existing provider

If you’re already using a pay and bill solution, it’s simply a case of exporting and importing the data. This may require some straightforward reformatting – but if you need a helping hand, you can add data migration as an optional service when you move to Codabill.

If you’ve never used software like Codabill, you can either import data from your CRM or start inputting data from scratch.

Easy, right?

Get started with Codabill today by booking a free demo.

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