New: Direct API for Codapay payroll software

Codapay x Codabill

Things just got even easier for agencies using Codabill.

Our direct API between Codabill and Codapay enables seamless data syncing from pay and bill to payroll.

No more emails, no more reformatting data. All data is automatically synced between platforms to make your life easier.

Get the best of both worlds with a complete middle- to back-office.


The difference between Codabill and Codapay

Recruitment companies we speak with often confuse pay and bill software with payroll software.

However, they are two separate products that work to streamline your middle- and back-office duties as an agency.

Below, we’ll summarise the two products.



Codabill is our pay and bill system that allows agencies to maintain their candidate and placement information.

  1. Timesheet data can be collated
  2. Client invoices can be raised (Allows agencies to manage pay and charge rates)
  3. Limited Companies or Payroll Intermediaries can be paid
  4. Candidates can submit their timesheets through the candidate portal
  5. Commission can be paid to recruitment consultants

Best of all, as it’s a SaaS solution, set up takes under 24 hours and it’s completely free!

Codabill interface



Codapay is our payroll software designed for temporary staffing payroll that enables you to pay candidates quickly and compliantly.

  1. Payrolls can be processed
  2. Expenses and pensions can be managed
  3. Automatic HMRC reporting
  4. Detailed Payroll Reports can be exported
  5. Candidates can login to a portal to access payslips

As each system is bespoke, your cloud platform will take a little longer to go-live – typically around two weeks.

Find out more about Codapay recruitment payroll software.

Codapay interface


What the Direct API means

Candidate and placement data can be sent directly to Codapay from Codabill to process payroll. Also, it can automatically be sent straight to a queue in Codapay for you or the umbrella companies you work with to review and approve records.

This takes away the administrative nightmare of manually importing data and creating custom import templates, which can be prone to inaccuracies and data loss.

Plus, it makes life so much easier!


How to get started

Interested in creating a seamless middle- to back-office? Getting started is easy.

Simply contact us to find out more and see the platforms in action.


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