All your burning questions about Codabill, answered

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We’re thrilled to have onboarded our first new customers since debuting Codabill pay and bill software in early April.

During recent demos, our commercial team noticed some questions were being asked more than others.

So, to help make deciding whether Codabill is right for you, we’ve answered these below.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


How soon can I go live with Codabill?

The beauty of SaaS software is that you can be up and running in moments.

In theory, you can be live on Codabill in just minutes, but we provide a generous time estimate of 24 hours to include outside working hours and the availability of a project manager to assist you with set up.

We’ll give you an accurate time estimate when you choose to go ahead.


What is the pricing structure?

Perhaps the best part about the Codabill package is its flexibility and affordability.

There are zero upfront costs, meaning you can get started right away without financial commitment.

Ongoing costs are based on the number of candidates that have submitted timesheets. This means you won’t be charged by the number of timesheets – which can become pretty costly.

To give an example: if Rob submits eight timesheets in a month, you’ll only pay one fixed fee for that candidate.

A fixed fee per candidate means you can better forecast expenditure each month and scale up without significant additional cost.


How long are contract commitments?

It’s scary locking into a contract. Sometimes it’s even better the devil you know.

We get that. That’s why we offer flexible 30-day rolling contracts.

This means you won’t be locked into a lengthy agreement and can decide whether Codabill works well for you, without the burden of searching for exit terms buried in legalese.


Why should I choose Codabill over other providers?

There are plenty of recruitment pay and bill solution providers out there.

So why us? Well, if we have to stick to our top five benefits, these are them:

  • Our flexibility: Our rolling contracts and low ongoing fees make for super easy switching
  • Fully SaaS: Completely future-proofed software that’s completely scalable (without the need to upgrade your package!)
  • Incredibly speedy: Process timesheets in seconds, regardless the number of candidates
  • UK-based team: We’re available when you are and understand the unique requirements of the UK recruitment market
  • Ever-evolving platform: Our software is regularly and consistently updated to ensure it’s always up to speed with changing requirements


Do I need to have Codapay payroll software to use Codabill?

Nope! You can stick with your current back-office solution provider. Simply export your data from Codabill and import it into your current back-office solution.

Choosing Codapay enables native syncing which creates an even more seamless experience, but it’s by no means a necessity. And don’t worry, we won’t hassle you to change your mind.


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