All about Codatime candidate portals

When you sign up to Codabill, you’ll get access to Codatime at no extra cost.

Codatime is our mobile-friendly platform that simplifies self-service for candidates. It’s a complementary product that connects to Codabill for seamless data transfer.

Here’s a preview of the easy-to-use user interface:

Codatime portal

The table below outlines the key differences between Codabill and Codatime.

While Codabill allows agencies to manage placement information, Codatime allows candidates to view and submit it.


Agencies can:

·        Import and manage candidate documents

·        Approve expenses and timesheets

·        Create client invoices based on timesheet data

·        Manage sales and purchase invoices

·        Pay limited companies or payroll intermediaries

·        Pay commission to recruitment consultants

·        Get reports on business performance



Candidates can:

·        Submit timesheets and expenses

·        View

·        Manage

·        Request and view






So, for example, if a candidate submits an expense, it will land straight in your Codabill queue ready for review. Once you approve it, the status of the submission will update in real-time on Codatime.

Codatime reduces admin for agencies and offers transparency for candidates, making the placement lifecycle easier all around. However, it’s entirely optional, meaning you can still manually import timesheets and expenses – or decide which candidates get access to Codatime.

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